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Acting Friendly Pays Off in Dates for Women

In life and in dating, friendliness can be well rewarded. That's what Pam says. A divorced mom who is 34, Pam is in the process finding a new love interest.

She has been trying a number of different things to meet more eligible men. Recently, she decided to become more aware of opportunities to simply be more friendly and it paid off!.While talking to her son's soccer coach (divorced male) on the phone, she dared to do something unprecedented after completing the business part of the call. Pam took the conversation into a new direction by asking the coach how things were going outside of soccer. A twenty-minute conversation ensued, culminating with him asking her out on a date! Pam said, "All I did was ask one question and act a little friendly, and look at the results.".

When you smile and act friendly, you help lower the risk for men who want to approach you, but don't like rejection. No one enjoys getting rejected! Appearing friendly lets a man know you'll probably talk to him rather than coldly sending him on his way.Who could you be friendly to this week? Opportunities abound since you'll encounter new men everywhere you go.

You could smile and start a conversation with someone at the coffee shop on your way to work, chat with a man in the deli line during lunch or the guy sitting next to you on the train going home at the end of the day. You might smile at a man in the gym, look up while selecting produce at the grocery store or catch someone's eye at the dry cleaners.Challenge yourself to see how many new fellows you can speak to in the next week. The conversations don't have to lead anywhere besides helping you get comfortable with the process. Pick a target number of friendly conversations and go for it! Smile, say hello, flirt, and most of all have fun. That will make you very attractive.

It worked for Pam and it can work for you too.

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By: Ronnie Ann Ryan


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