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Fuel Efficiency Political Wrangling over CAFE Standard Increase - It appears as if various segments of the federal government are at odds with each other concerning an increase in the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.

How to Say No to a NICE GUY - The phone is on its fourth ring.

Pilates Yoga - Though referred to as yoga, the Pilates exercise regime has no connection with it and works on entirely different approaches.

How To Attract Exactly Who You Want - Do you wish you could attract exactly who you want? Do you want to have more dates and more choices? Would you like to meet the person of your dreams? Perhaps you need to discover the rules of attraction.

The Power to Admit We Are Wrong - Have you ever thought about the volume of misfortune and heartache created in our world today just because someone cannot admit that he/she is wrong?.

A Note from our Sponsor Mentor God - ?Much of humanity is complaining a lot.

Using Yoga to Improve Your Health and Well Being - Copyright 2006 Douglas Alp.

All Humans are Motivated By Sex Why All the Guilt - We know that all humans are genetically motivated by sex and that is probably why we have nearly 7 billion people on the planet now.

White Sun People - The four different groups of people are basically 1] A person who comes from darkness and goes into darkness, 2] A person who comes from darkness and goes into brightness, 3] A person who comes from brightness and goes into darkness and 4] A perso.

Social Skills and Friendship What are the Signs of a True Friend - The best kinds of people to have around you are the caring kind.

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