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Are Limiting Beliefs Stopping You Reaching Your Potential

Our beliefs are formed from our experience of the world around us and often develop early on in life. Limiting beliefs are what stops us from moving forward and making progress by clouding our view of the world. Whatever you believe, will cause you to behave in a way that reinforces that belief.

Such beliefs may be - "I'm not good with figures", "I can't do that .". Any statement where you use the words 'always', 'never' or 'can't' is likely to show-up a limiting belief and it can apply both to yourself and your belief about other people.

Take this opportunity to work through one of your own limiting beliefs, you might want to take a piece of paper or notebook and find a place where you can think quietly for a few moments.1. What limiting or negative belief are you holding about the world around you? What statements are true for you - "I can't .", "People always .".2.

How do you know that it's true? What evidence do you have that supports this belief? You probably have lots because you will consciously or sub-consciously only see the evidence that supports it.Think about the way your mind focuses when you buy a new car - suddenly you see lots of the same car on the road. Nothing has changed your mind is just more tuned to seeing that one particular type of car over all the others.3. What evidence do you have that does not support this belief? This will be harder to see as you've only been tuned into the negative.

Friends and colleagues may be able to help on this one.Look at the world around you - what evidence is there that does not support this belief. What are other people's beliefs and experiences - are they the same as yours?.

4. How does it feel to have this belief? What do you feel and what reaction does it create for you both physically and mentally? How do you behave when you have this belief? How do you treat yourself and others?.5. How does this belief support you, how does it keep you safe or stop you moving from where you feel comfortable? What is it costing you to keep this belief?.6.

What would you do differently if you didn't hold this belief? How would your life be if you didn't have this belief? Turn the belief around and think or write down the opposite - "I'm good at figures", I can do .". How true or real is the belief now.Don't react to the first answers that come into your mind. These are likely to be based on what you already believe.

Wait and see what happens after a little more quiet thought.Take a more positive look at the world around you and see what you can do to change your old beliefs.

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By: Clare Evans


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