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Be Positive Think Positive Be A Winner Mould The Champion In You Power Of Positive Thinking

Do you know that you can gain success over any difficult situation in your life by thinking positive?.Yes you can.The main reason that you fail in what you do is because of that negative mind set that holds you from behind.

Think Positive.When you fail in something you do, this is what actually happens - Way deep inside your mind, somewhere in your subconscious you will have a negative feeling which says you can't do it or you can't win over that situation or say you can't hold that much or you can't beat him/her or you are going to fail, that's what makes you fail.Thinking positive and being positive in your life can earn you a lot. Imagine a life where you are the all time champion, where you always win what you do, where there is no failure, where you are well respected in your society, fame, people trying to copy your success.

Ha ha what a dream. you might think its a dream that wont ever happen but I tell you that its all possible when you sort out the negative and think positive in your life.What if I say I can show you real life examples of people who are successful in whatever they do because of their positive attitude. Yes I can, read on.

The best example I can show you is none other than the Now California Governor, The Hollywood Super Star, The Body Building Champion what a great titles. Now you know who he is. Yea none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can see from the exclamatory titles itself that what a big champion Arnold is. Whatever things he jumped in to, he came up with flying colours. See what Arnold says about being positive - From his own words in his documentary video about Arnold training and preparing to win the MR.

Olympia Contest, 7th Time:-."If you want to be a champion, you cannot have any kind of an outside negative force coming in and affect you. Lets say before the contest if I get emotionally involved with the girl, that can have a negative effect on my mind. So therefore I have to cut my emotions off and be kind of cold in the way before competition. That's what we do then with the rest of the things.

If somebody steals my car outside of my door right now, I don't care, I can't be bothered with that, the only thing i would do is I would ask my secretary to call the insurance agency and laugh about it because I cannot be bothered with it. So i trained myself for that to be totally cold and not have the things go in to my mind and it was in that way I said the story when my father died because my mother called me on the phone and she said your father is dead and this was exactly two months before the contest. She said to come home for the funeral & i said no, Its too late, he's dead and there is nothing to be done and am sorry i can't come, and I didn't explain to her really the reasons why and i gave other excuses to her because I'll be explaining to a mother whose husband died, you know you are tripped. I didn't bother with it and that actually caused one of the greatest conflicts with my girl friend because she just looked at me and said, it doesn't bother you? & I never talk about it again.

".Ha no wonder he became a junior Mr. Europe when he was a boy and then became Five-time Mr.

Universe and then seven-time Mr. Olympia, and Mr. World then became Hollywood Superstar and now California Governor.One day I happened to watch a paul vault competition on TV, well I never watched paul vault sports before. What drew my attention to watch it was the great confidence and positiveness I saw on her face when she was about to do the paul vault.

I didn't even know her name actually. When the time came for her performance in the competition what I saw was a super confident face and there was applause all around and what I want to point out was that there wasn't a slight negativeness that I can find in her face and with that kind of a confidence who wont win any competition. Guess what she won it and she won the world record for the highest jump in Paul Vault. Next day I found her name and world record on news paper.

Yelena Isinbayeva world record holder for paul vault and who won the world athlete of the year for the second time on 2005. She broke her own world records many times later on paul vault. So when you are positive in your mission inside, that positive rays will reflect not only on your face but also in what you do and you are going to overcome whatever difficult situation, however tough it may be.

I think I don't need to give any more explanation. Hope you now know how much happiness, positive mindset can bring to your life. So are you ready to Mould The Champion In You. ?.Copyright 2006 Spencer Jones.


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By: Spencer Jones


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