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China is the Next Super Power Not So Fast

Many realize that China is the next Big Super Power yet we all know that all rapidly growing nations have issues. Of course being a Communist Nation they can move faster as they do not have to go around convincing anyone, soliciting their votes or waiting for the political wind to be ripe. It is for this reason a debate erupted recently in an online think tank when a member stated;."China is "gonna blow." Politically, environmentally, socially -- is there more?".

Well sure there is as the desert retakes Beijing and they decide they need a war to get out of dodge and promote economic temporary prosperity. Nations often go to war for this reason. Additionally they will need to reunite Taiwan in order to tax them and prevent collapse of Mainland, and show that as increased growth.

If you are failing; Merge and hid your loses for tad bit, as they teach at Harvard Business Schools to the young up and coming.Regarding environmentally indeed; major issues and growing; Oil Spills, 250 mile ocean dead zones, air pollution, disease, polluted drinking water, Bird Flu and no sign of any of those issues subsiding in the next decade only getting worse by up to 150% meanwhile they invest in war machines?.Well that is just fine indeed, but China has no one threatening to attack it and last time I checked Nuclear Submarines did not stop Bird Flu and New Mig Fighter Jets did not clean the air and rocket fuel for missiles did not clean the water. Perhaps I should not be speaking of common sense items in such a grand emerging market with growth rates, which are set at a blistering pass with room to grow. Besides Jim Kramer said; "Who cares, I just want to make you money!" Ha Ha Ha, consider all this in 2006.

And don't bother counting China out of the game just yet. Their goal is simple, they wish to run the World you see?.


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By: Lance Winslow


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