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Fear of Success is Good

To make it clear there is no simple one step to success. Achieving success in anything requires you take several steps to reach your goals.It's easier to be successful in little ways. Start small first then gradually increase your efforts.

I've found that it's a real good feeling when I accomplish a small task and it turns out the way I wanted it to turn out. It gives you more ambition to tackle larger projects without fear of failing.I as a child had an interest in how things work. More specifically how electronic devices such as radios and TV's functioned.

I would get my hands on a broke transistor radio and just take it all apart to see what was inside. Later on as a teenager I was taking apart old television sets. I did not have any idea of how these things worked but still proceeded to take them apart. I finally moved onto high school and took a four year course in electronics which I did very well in. I now had the needed knowledge to understand how electronic equipment worked. I also was fairly proficient at repairing radios and television sets.

The problem came when people would ask me to repair an item of theirs. I use to think what if I took their equipment apart and couldn't fix it. Or, what if I made it worst then what it was. I had a definite fear of failure.Well as it turned out I did have several failures in repairing things for other people.

But something good came from theses failures. The more I failed, the more I learned. I eventually became very good at repairing electronic equipment. Success finally arrived for me in this area of my life.

It took a lot of small steps to reach, but was worth it. Now I can say that I can repair almost any type of electronic equipment.We are destined to failure in many moments of our lives. The thing not to do is get depressed about it.

I know it can be hard not to get depressed about failing. Looking to the future and not dwelling on the past helps. Just keep going and move on to the next challenge. Success will befall you eventually.Once you gain that experience of failing at things in one area, or aspect of your life it's easier to cope with failing in other areas.

The thing to remember is your past successes and how you got there. These are learned models to go by when you are setting other goals in life. You have at your finger tips a very good roadmap to follow and look back on.

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By: Brian Swiecicki


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