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Gift of Peace and Passion

Nothing tells a woman you love her more than your time and attention. This article is going to cover the basics of giving her a special night of massage and passion and also offer some ideas that you may never thought of before!.It's a popular gift item to get gift certificates for a professional massage. That is a very nice gift.

It's sure to bring stress relief and significantly improves physical and emotional health. There is only one thing that is lacking with this gift. That is passion. My suggestion is to give her a gift certificate for a massage from you! That's right, you are going to give her a nice, long, slow body massage that will completely relax and refresh her. It's going to be sensual and loving and your imagination can lead you to how the massage will end up!.The first thing to do is to learn the techniques of a good massage.

For an extra special gift, enroll both of you in a massage class that you can take together and then practice on each other. The rest of your gift can be your own special "graduation" party for the two of you when classes have ended.If you don't have the time to enroll in a class, or can't find one close to where you live, do some Internet research. Go to your favorite search engine and type in "How to give a massage". I ran the search and found dozens of sites that will teach you to massage like the pros do! I'm not going to spend a lot of time in this article describing the information I found, because I'm more interested in sharing the complete event with you.Now, before you give the massage there are a few things you want to make sure you have on hand that will help set the mood and will enhance the complete experience.

You want to involve all of her senses during your special time together.Set a time where there will be no distractions. To make the time extra special, book a room at a nice hotel close by your house. There will be no thinking about the dirty dishes or a ringing telephone when you are away from it all. Otherwise, turn off the phones and make sure your time will be alone time without interruption from children or a barking dog.

The room you choose to be in should be warm with no drafts. Find some extra soft blankets and put them on the floor, or even a long sturdy table if you have one of those handy. Your goal is to provide a hard, but comfortable surface for the massage.

Next you'll want to make sure and have some beautiful music ready. There is a big selection of romantic music you can choose from. Set it at a comfortable listening level, making sure it's not too loud. My personal favorite romantic CD is Euphoria, Sensual Soundscapes. This CD is ideally suited for massage and passion!.

Next, turn off the lights and have a variety of lighted candles around the room. The more candles, the better, without creating a fire hazard. Try to find unscented ones if the massage oil you will be using is scented. If the massage oil isn't deliciously scented though, find candles that have an earthy, not fruity smell. The earthy smells are more relaxing and sensual.

Pick massage oil that is also healthy for her skin. This will leave her feeling scrumptious long after the massage is over. HappyHer Massage Oil contains Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E. It also comes in a huge assortment of light scents to pick one you think she will like the best.

Remember, she may end up returning the favor someday, so get something that you can both feel good about having rubbed into your skin.Now that you have the room ready, bring your partner in. You don't want to start with the massage immediately and here is what a lot of articles fail to tell you. Setting the mood is the most important element of the entire time you spend together.

Share a glass of wine, or gourmet tea. Look deeply in your eyes and talk about the things about her that you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be too emotional if you aren't comfortable with that, but talk about nice things and let her know in detail what you plan to do to her. Your goal is to establish an emotional and mental connection.

She will feel more secure and loved and will enjoy the rest of the evening's attention a hundred times more.During the massage, don't talk. Gently let her know that you don't want any talking to interrupt her feeling the massage from the deepest levels.

Now, take your time and enjoy using your hands all over her body. The last tip I'll leave you with is to make sure and let her know when the massage has ended how beautiful she is to you. Massage can be very intimate and you both might feel vulnerable afterwards. Making sure you are reassuring to her will assure you that you melt her heart completely!.

I hope this article has your creative juices running over what you can do for the woman who has your heart. If you would like more suggestions, please feel free to email me anytime!.

.Tracy Togliatti is a Registered Reiki Master through the Global Reiki Association and an Energy Psychology Practitioner. Tracy is also acting Director of http://www.

happyher.com, where she offers a Free Advice service and free email Reiki lessons. You may contact her anytime here http://www.happyher.


By: Tracy Togliatti


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