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Humans Often Complain And Attack That Which They Do Not Understand

Well, it seems it is appropriate at this point to make comments about the Bush administration and their public relations policy and their relationship with the news media both here in the United States and the world news media at large. It is amazing in the amount of attack articles that we have seen from liberal writers in the news media. I recently heard one very outspoken Republicans say that liberal writers are on Prozac and generally alcoholics, as well as manic depression.At first I thought this comment was rather odd however, from his perspective it seemed completely natural and I totally appreciate his point of view. Since my retirement in the last year I have written over 5000 articles and many now call me a writer. However I do not consider myself the liberal writer or a writer at all for that matter.

I still very much consider myself a retired entrepreneur, who is just looking for another something to do worthy of my talents. And while I'm waiting for that opportunity to come along it makes sense to give back some of my worldly knowledge, experience and observations to the common good through writing.One thing I have always noticed about human beings the complain and that is that so often they complain about things they really do not understand and had they known a little more about the subject matter or were able to see it from multiple perspectives, they would not have made the complaints for the comments in the first place. So I would like to leave you with this thought today; many other writers and reporters that follow the Bush administration are far removed from the larger overall picture and they do not understand that each decision affects 15 other things.So whereas they criticize a decision based on its merits towards one sector or one topic, they failed to realize how each decision interacts with all other decisions. And it is this misunderstanding that is causing the conflict; you see, if someone were to sit them all down and explain the entire bigger picture to them, chances are they would see the Bush administration as absolutely brilliant rather then the various words, which they now use to describe their condemnation.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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