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Living With Stress

It seems like everyone these days is under a tremendous amount of stress. It's a complicated thing ? we feel stress strongly, but it's so hard to define, so hard to know where it's coming from. There are of course real stressors around us that we are simply unable to control. But there is also an inner switch that regulates one's response to stress. If that switch isn't working properly we cannot really be present in our lives, or be there for our family and loved ones.Our nervous system is comprised of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

Both have different functions that are useful for survival. The sympathetic system pumps adrenaline and gives us the energy we need to move quickly and get out of dangerous situations. The parasympathetic system promotes a state of calm and relaxation ? the state in which our nervous system operates to regulate healthy body functions. Balance is key.

A balanced system is a healthy one. Some stress is good for us. It's when we get out of balance due to long-term stress that we develop problems. Then we get stuck in that sympathetic mode, which results in a constant state of anxiety or fear. Many doctors now recognize that stress is the precursor to numerous illnesses.So what can we do? We need to release the built up stress in our bodies and learn to reset our nervous system.

We need to get out of the sympathetic and into the parasympathetic mode.Massage is a powerful aid in doing so. It releases built-up stress and helps the body remember to relax again. The power of touch also creates a deep connection with our body's innate ability to heal itself. Getting a massage isn't just about pampering and luxury.

It's a valuable way of caring for yourself and your family.

.Mary Liccion is an Empathic/Intuitive Healer and Body Worker with over 10 years of experience in Holistic Healing. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001. Mary currently works as an LMT at Scott Miller ? a salon, spa, and store in Rochester, NY (http://www.

scottmillerstyle.com). Mary has traveled extensively and also works as a spiritual counselor.

By: Mary Liccion


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