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Looking For Great Best Friend Gifts

Best friend gifts are special! Let's face it, they talk us down off the ledge repeatedly?listen to our twisted man stories, our career foibles, our discipline problems with our "wild" child or children, and basically help us commiserate about everything that is female!.A truly heartfelt, thoughtful and unique gift for her--her birthday, new job, career accomplishment, engagement, wedding, birth of a baby, or just anytime she needs support, goes a long way in showing how much you value her friendship.Here are some best friend gift ideas that just might help you out!.Candy Gifts - Always celebratory, candy gifts make a great gift for best friends. Have you ever known a woman to turn down candy? I doubt it! Candy gifts are always appreciated, especially from your really good girlfriends! Add her favorite candy to any gift. I have one friend who loves Fannie May raspberry and maple creams, another who loves Junior Mints, and my sister just loves Jujubees.

They all get their favorites just about every time I give them a gift, and we always laugh about it!.Cool Make-up Bag ? It'll jump right off the shelf when you see it, especially if you've traveled together before. Take note of the type of make-up bag(s) your best friend uses and then find one or a set that speak to her. They are typically either her favorite color, or they have a cool pattern (conservative or funky) that fits her style.

Decorative Pillows - A creative gift for best friends that spruces up decor, decorative pillows are a great gift idea. Choose two or three that either coordinate well with her current style, add a splash of unexpected color, or say "let's celebrate" with a seasonal or holiday theme.Horoscope Reading - Horoscope stuff is always fun to give! Why not give your best friend a horoscope reading, or a horoscope book, magazine, notepad or calendar? Most of my friends don't put much faith in horoscope results, but we still get a kick out of reading them and pondering "what if???".Miniature Books ? These books are great "little extras" for best friend gift-giving that provide cute, inspirational, quotes, quips, stories and jokes.

They're great little gifts!.Trendy Purses - Great gifts for best friends, trendy purses are all the rage! Whether it's a metallic-looking purse, rhinestone purse, retro purse, faux fur purse or Betty Boop purse, get her a trendy purse you know she'll like.Wall Art - Be creative and get your friend "wall art" if she needs to spruce up her place. Let's face it, not everyone has a knack for decorating. She might really appreciate your creative touch! Wall art in the form of nice framed prints or posters can make a great best friend gift.This is just a selection of the great gifts for best friends that we've come up with! For even more ideas, visit us at Unique-Gifts-For-Her.

com, www.unique-gifts-for-her.com. For great home decor gift ideas, please visit our sister site, Modern-Interior-Decorating.com, www.modern-interior-decorating.



com http://www.modern-interior-decorating.com.

By: Cynthia Smithe


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