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Looking For The Best Dating Service In Your Area

How about a dating service that:
* doesn't require you to become a member and costs nothing
* doesn't need your photograph or that "creative" profile
* can bring the right partner to you without that awkward "Look & See" meeting,
* provides perfect matches to your dreams - every time - and it doesn't matter whether you're looking for a life partner or a one night stand.
.Of course there's lots of good dating services on the Internet.

But what I'm talking about here is something quite different and quite fundamental. It's a process that works without fail.Sounds too good to be true? Well it does require a little work - but it's stuff that you can do at home. And, by the way, it will develop habits for you that will work in every area of your life - in health and prosperity as well as relationships.

It's simple but not necessarily easy. Let me explain. It involves:

being clear on what you want, and
2. spending time imagining it.

Oh sure you're thinking - if all I had to do was just sit around all day wishing for something, I'd have it already. The truth is, if you were doing that, with unqualified positive-ness and optimism, you would have it already.In this article, I'm going to explain:

why it works, and
B. how to do it the right way
.The best dating service - how does it work?.It's all to do with the Law Of Attraction - "We attract into our experience that which we give our energy and attention, whether wanted or unwanted".

There are no exceptions to this law. Simply following the rules summons the Universe to deliver to us that which has our focus. And the Universe has enormous resources. It can orchestrate situations and events in a way that matches you up unfailingly with your desires.The best dating service - doing it the right way.

.There's just no substitute for spending time thinking about what you want. Different techniques work well for different people.

Some people like to write down a list. Some people like to take time to relax, maybe to meditate a little, and then visualize. Pick what works for you - but remember it 's focus, energy and attention. Do it daily - develop that imagination muscle.

Maybe you think you're already doing all that dreaming. So why aren't those dreams being fulfilled? Because in that dreaming or focusing is something negative that's counteracting your intent. Remember that bit from the Law Of Attraction that says "whether wanted or unwanted".All of us tend to define what we want in terms of what we don't want.

"I don't want a smoker", "I don't want a sports fanatic", "I don't want a couch potato". Or you may be in an existing relationship - a not-so-good relationship - and guess where your focus is - on the things you don't like. Or you may hold a dream for a while and then lapse into pessimism or despair.

Here's your "work" - spend time on, dream about, that partner you want - but only include the positives. Luxuriate in the delicious experience that is to come. If you use words, think present tense and first person - see it happening now, and not like a video camera is on you.

See it through your eyes, hear it through your ears. Make yourself the actor in this fantastic movie of your life - after all you're the script writer. If you can get yourself to the point where your so caught up in the vision, that the manifestation becomes almost irrelevant - you've arrived! And the Universe cannot fail to deliver.If you have an existing partner, focus on the good things not the bad - and then either:
* your partner will vibrate out of your experience, without hassle or trauma, and your ideal partner will appear, or
* your existing relationship will be re-charged.Ignore any advice that says "face reality - get out there and DO something". In actual "reality", you have to get there first - you have to BE there.

And then you'll be inspired to action. And for you who knows, some of that action may be to use an Internet dating service - some of them are really good. But now it will work, and it will be effortless. Happy visualization..


Robin Retallick is a business owner and CEO who is seeking life's answers on how to achieve abundance. He's moved to an understanding of the Law Of Attraction with all that that implies. As modern physics merges more into the world of the "supernatural", he sees the potential reconciliation of the spiritual with the scientific. He shares his insights, and processes and resources that work. http://www.


By: Robin Retallick


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