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Mumbo Jumbo or Can You Really Control Your Lifes Path

For about the last 15 years of my life, I have been exposed to numerous situations either in attending seminars or by watching documentaries where individuals have tried to emphasise the importance of positive thinking and having the right mental attitude. Until very recently, I was the world's biggest skeptic and very much dismissed the idea that if you thought about achieving something then you could actually turn these thoughts into reality. I continued with this blinkered mentality until someone said to me."Don't criticise or ridicule anything until you know more about it or you have tried it for yourself" (This advice is good advice and can be used in any scenario that you come across on a day to day basis).However, with these words still ringing in my ears, I was attending a property investing conference in London along with my eldest daughter Julie. Over dinner one evening, the topic of "the power of thought" came up.

Everyone within our group expressed their thoughts on the subject (some more strongly than others). Again fighting hard to put my skeptisisms to one side, I decided to take part in an exercise suggested by another member of the party. My daughter Julie was asked if she could have the choice of any luxury sports car what would it be and in what colour would she like it. Immediately, she suggested a Red Ferrari . That was it.

We had to see a red Ferrari before we left London which was only twelve hours later.The next morning arrived and we set off by underground to King's Cross railway station to catch the 10.00 am train to Scotland.

We only had about 15 minutes before we had to catch our train and we decided to wait outside at the side of the road. With only seconds left before we had to make our way to the platform, guess what stopped at the traffic lights. Yes, a bright, brand spanking new Red Ferrari. Now was this coincidence or what. Spurned on by this experience I started to try this out with other things and lo and behold they were met with similar results.

Armed with new found enthusiasm, I then decided to investigate the subject further. I read every book I could find on the subject, I surfed the net for as much information as I could. I checked out Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotism and much much more.

It is now quite clear in my own mind that olympic athletes, professional sportsmen, successful businessmen and the like would not have achieved this exceptionally high level of success without the right frame of mind and dreams of reaching the ultimate goal.If you would like to find out more visit http://www.CorrectMindFrame.com.

.Gordon McAlpine is a full time currency trader who has changed his life through manifestation.

Share in this exciting approach to achieving your life's dreams. http://www.CorrectMindFrame.com.

By: Gordon McAlpine


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