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Natural Hair Loss Products that You can Try

According to product reviews and ratings, most of today's hair loss products are reasonably effective. However, the effects of each product would still differ for every individual. If you're worried that pharmaceutical hair loss products will have some harmful effects on your scalp and hair, you should try natural hair loss products instead. By consulting a doctor, you will be prescribed with certain hair loss products.

One thing you should know is that pharmaceutical hair loss products are quite costly and if you think you can't afford them, ask your doctor if there are natural hair loss products that you can use as a substitute. Be honest and tell your doctor about your worries in using medical treatments and that you don't have enough budgets to spend. Some people who spent a lot of money in commercial hair loss products are often frustrated because they didn't like the results. So it's up to you to choose between chemical treatments and natural treatments. The natural treatments usually make use of powerful herbs including: ? Aloe Vera ? Caribbean's, Native Americans, and Indians have used aloe vera for many ages. This herb can prevent loss of hair and maintain the hair's health and shine.

It heals your scalp from within as it cleanses your pores. If you want better results, use aloe vera together with coconut milk and germ oil (from wheat) and use it as a daily shampoo. If you want your hair loss problems to disappear, use aloe vera. ? Jojoba ? doctors usually prescribe jojoba oil for hair problems such as psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, and seborrhea. Mexicans and Native Americans have used this oil for many centuries now to control and prevent dandruff as well as hair loss.

If you have hypoallergenic skin, jojoba oil can help in moisturizing it. ? Henna ? an Indian herb that is used traditionally to treat hair loss and act as natural hair conditioner. It repairs and seals the hair cuticle in order to stop breakage. The effects will be shiny, silky, and beautiful hair. ? Capsicum ? if you want to improve blood flow to your scalp, use this herb. It can also stimulate the growth of new hair by fifty percent and effectively prevents hair loss.

? Lemon grass ? this can help in nourishing your scalp by using its oil whenever you massage your scalp. ? Dong Quai ? DHT is said to be responsible for hair loss. By using Dong Quai, you can reduce DHT formation because this herb contains phytoestrogens. Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, henna, capsicum, lemon grass, and dong quai are just some of the most effective herbs that you can sue to counter the effects of hair loss. It can help in maintaining your hair's health and prevent further hair loss.

Other helpful herbs you can use are gotu kola, nettles, horsetail, and many more. Always ask your doctor first before using any of the herbs especially if you don't know how to prepare the remedies. You can conduct a research online to determine the right way to prepare the homemade preparations of the herb. Natural hair loss products are truly effective and many people have already proven that for many years now. There's no harm in trying natural treatments.

Not only are the natural treatments less costly but it also has very little or no harmful effects.

About the author: John Tulley manages the Provillus Alpha7: natural hair loss products web site. Our web site has more detailed advice and information about thinning hair in women.


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