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No Nation Can Remain Safe in Isolation

Is it possible to remain an isolated nation and therefore not have to worry about international terrorism because you are in a neutral country? Doubtful. That might have worked at one time a few decades ago, but not in the present period with travel and communication so abundant. Now no nation can remain safe in isolation and the bigger the nation the more apt to be totally impossible.Some nations presently are attempting to use this tactic although it is not working so well for them. Some nations are playing both sides against the middle. Pretending to be in isolation but really helping in the solutions.

In the age of International Terrorism some nations are drawn closer to isolationism, while other nations asset to help combat International Terrorism and decry nation states, which sponsor them.A nation in isolationism does not get the main benefits of trade or the money flows from exports and thus it cannot join in the efficiencies of other nations who can sell to them cheaper than they can produce something or sell to other nations what they can produce cheaper and more efficiently due to abundance of resources or expertise. A nation in isolationism also will not have the necessary allies to protect it in the case of a hostile or rouge nation, which moves to destroy or exploit it. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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