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No Stutts it DOESNT Have To Be Stutter

Whilst needing to emphasise that there is, at present, no definitive cure for stuttering, it is important for a stutterer to realise the situation is not necessarily as desperate as they, or perhaps their family fear. In most cases there are frequent repetitions of speech sounds, syllables or words, otherwise it could be an inability to start a word in the first place. There may also be rapid eye blinks, tremors of the lips and jaw, or other odd movements of the face and upper body, that a person who stutters may use in an attempt to speak. In the vast majority of cases stuttering clears itself as adolescence approaches, indeed stuttering affects less than 1% of the adult population; and interestingly, there are four times as many males as females, who suffer from stuttering.

Stuttering Therapy has an excellent success rate in managing the condition and if undertook at a young age it can actually help to prevent developmental stuttering from becoming a life-long problem. Many of the popular stuttering therapy programmes for persistent stuttering, focus on re-learning how to speak and eliminate the faulty characteristics they may have inadvertently developed in their speech. This psychological stuttering therapy also addresses the side effects of stuttering that often occur, such as fear of speaking to strangers, or speaking in public. Anticipating communication with others can really help. If the thought processes are established in advance, then the confidence levels will be raised and relaxation will be easier.

Eye contact too, is vitally important, this can improve self-assurance and although it may seem inconsequential, it hugely significant in the improvement of stuttering.Stuttering therapy often revolves around educating parents about restructuring the child's speaking environment to reduce the episodes of stuttering. Parents are often urged to refrain from criticizing the child's speech, or reacting negatively to the child's non-fluencies. Parents should at all costs steer clear of showing their child that there is concern about their difficulties. If they sense unease they might become self-conscious and this could make the stuttering worse.

One of the worst thing a parent can do is to ask the child to repeat stuttered words until they are spoken fluently. This will destroy confidence by highlighting the problem and create insecurity in the child. Family should listen attentively to the youngster when he or she speaks and encourage them to speak slowly and in a relaxed manner.

A couple of other fundamental pieces of stuttering therapy that should be adopted by family, friends, teachers, colleagues, anyone really; is to wait for the stutterer to say the intended word. Never try to complete their sentence and in the case of children talk openly about their stuttering If he or she brings the subject up.

.Mick Burrows writes for http://www.suffering-stuttering.

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By: Mick Burrows


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