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OneOnOne Autism Education is Needed

Most parents of Autistic Children agree that in a perfect world the best bet for their education would be one-on-one trained specialists to work with them. Unfortunately it is not a perfect world and we all know that the school systems cannot afford this. Right now the numbers are more like 20-30 in a classroom for the regular kids who are often of such poor behavior it is more like educational babysitting.One Autistic Child's parent is a strong advocate for one-on-one education.

Actually I agree with the one-on-one concept; only because it makes so much sense. I also understand the costs associated with that and the burden to the taxpayer. If one parent can remain at home for home schooling this of course solves the one on one issue. Unfortunately that is not always possible due to economic issues.

Volunteers in the schools make sense too. And it goes without saying that we need a better system to address all these issues.Personally I feel let down by my public education while growing up, and really let down by the College Systems and Universities and now when I go speak at colleges and universities, I cannot believe how naive the students are and the dumb questions they ask, it is like a bunch of brainwashed know it alls and it is scary to think they will be leading the charge for the forward progression of the species really.

Pretend I did not say that, but it is worrisome.Indeed we do not challenge our minds enough or our children in school no matter what level they are at or which classrooms they are in, it is a giant baby-sitting activity and it is sickening really. Sure there are many exemplary programs and teachers out there, but there are also some real issues with keeping the pipeline full of the best and brightest who will lead us into the future and also we need not leave some behind to do it either. It should not have to be an either or thing merely based on the budget of a school district.

There needs to be a better way you see? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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