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Personality Test Are You An Interfering Partner

How much space do you give to your partner/spouse? Or you are one of those who have advice on everything and who want to be with their partner at all times. Meeting your friends? Let me come with you. Going for shopping? I will also come. Going for a walk? Let me join you? There are some people who give no private space to their partner.

They bring the relationship down within a short time with their approach.All of us need our space. Many of us enjoy solitude once a while. Many times we want to ponder over our problems in peace.

Plan alone and dream alone. We hate if any body crosses our little private space. We want to be left alone and not told what to do all the time. That reminds us of our parents and our teachers.

We dislike that kind of monitoring. We want to be on our own and enjoy few moments alone. When a partner interferes at that time, we hate.Interference can kill a relationship fast. If you are doing smallest interference, please stop that. Best would be to ask your partner about this.

Darling, do you think I interfere in your life more than you would like? He/she will tell you the truth. If you are not interfering, that is great, and if you are doing that, please stop that so that both of you flourish. Sow two trees very near to each other. None of the to will have enough space for growth.

Both will interfere with each other. It is same in human relationships.

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By: CD Mohatta


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