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Should the CIA be allowed to Spy on Americans from Canada

Should the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America be all out to spy on American citizens from inside Canada. The Central Intelligence Agency does not work in our nation, but if they work of the nation next door and use that advantage to break the law in spying on U.S. citizens and that should not be allowed?.

Should the United States of America citizens accept the CIA spying on them from the country next door? In the Constitution of the United States of America there are certain rules that our government must follow but do those rules include a government agency of the United States of America, the Central Intelligence Agency being allowed to spy on its own citizens from a neighboring country?.After 911 many things have changed, however is this acceptable? Why is the government spying on American citizens? Is the government afraid that the citizens of the United States of America are getting a little pest off?.If so should be government of the United States of America, which is actually owned by the people consider why people are upset with it? And perhaps address the real issues and cancer in government? Such as the corruption and overspending? Please consider this in 2006 and ask your self; should the CIA be allowed to spy on Americans from Canada?.

.Lance Winslow.

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By: Lance Winslow


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