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Should We Reward Rioters and Bad Behavior

Should France reward the rioters who torch cars, cause protests and burn down buildings? Or should the French Leadership law down the letter of the law? If France gives into the demands of the mass mob mentality, how can it possible survive economically as it continues to deficit spend and throw doubt on the EU and the single Euro currency.The rest of Europe must be able to see the incredible danger this posses to their civilization there. Yet in the United States we have similar protests, much less violent, but we have 100's of thousands of Illegal Aliens marching in defiance of our immigration laws and doing so not carrying our American Flag, but the flag of another nation.

Then we have the gay and lesbian community and their fringe frolicking in the street and then demanding to get married? Interesting, do you find that the epitome of ethical conduct or good moral judgment? Then the Gay and Lesbian Community has a violent fringe.This group generally takes its members from the 18-28 males in the gay community and although they are few in numbers to the overall gay community they do indeed do their fair share of intimidation, threatening, slander and even extortion type tactics against those individuals who oppose them and those businesses which will not acknowledge them with respect. It is indeed a falsehood that one can negotiate with terrorists whether they be major 9-11 type international terrorists or low-crime or borderline type crimes of a lesser nature in the example above. Please consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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