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Success You Can Make It

Success is a destination found at the end of a journey. Success can be the destination of new found health or new found wealth. Success has the destination you give it. You can make sure you reach your destination by checking this one thing.

Think of the last time you took a journey to move to a new home.There was all the excitement surrounding the preparation. There was a great sense of expectation about the new sights you would see and the experiences you would have, the new friends you'd meet.At the same time there was a sense of sadness about not waking in the same bed to the same morning sounds, and fragrances on the morning air.There was also a sense of loss at the thought of not being able to speak face to face with loved ones.

However you told yourself that this was the price you were willing to pay for a new life.Your success destination can only be reached when you are prepared to give up all your present attitudes, associations, friends and activities for the new ones that await you.You can have all the excitement in the world about setting out on your success journey but you will only arrive when you have made a quality choice to not turn back in the direction of your old life.Do yourself a favor. Take control of the thoughts of your mind, the meditations of your heart, the words of your mouth and the actions of your body. Make sure every part of your being confirms no interest in the old life and you are committed to remaining at your success destination.

Copyright 2006 Kenneth Little.

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By: Kenneth Little


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