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What is synchronicity?.The term synchronicity (literally: at the same time) was coined by Carl Jung in 1930. He used the principle of synchronicity to explain the phenomena of meaningful coincidence.

Simultaneous events (physical and mental) which are causally unconnected. Jung gives the example of a patient who is sharing a dream he had involving a scarab. At the same moment, a scarab ? a rare sight where Jung lived ? actually came flying into his room.

I think we have all experienced events at which we might say, 'What a coincidence!'.Sometimes significant events occur together, for example, the stopping of a clock, might coincide with the death of someone. Sometimes the occurrence of simultaneous events which have no causal relationship to one another, seem of little or no significance; just a wink from the universe reminding us that there is more between heaven and earth than meets the eye. At other times, synchronicity can be considered as signs of comfort, direction or guidance, regarding more or less important decisions.Begg provides the following example of synchronicity in relation to aiding guidance at times of decision making.

When she went about preparing to move, and go live in Italy, for example, all kinds of obstacles cropped up, such as estate agents not turning up for appointments. But when she decided to go and live in Scotland, the finding and securing of a house went very smoothly.Is it possible to create synchronicity?.I don't think so.

It seems more a case of experiences haphazardly coming to us. But when we open ourselves up to such experiences, they seem to occur more frequently. Opening yourself to such 'meaningful arrangements' can helped by:.1. Recognising how special or significant it is. Not diminishing it by viewing it as 'simply just a coincidence.

' E.g., in relation to Begg's example, rather than say, 'that's just the way Italians are?'and not see it as a sign, you could look for another explanation, a deeper significance.2. Stopping or stepping back from your own thinking now and then. It will enable you to become more open to intuition and paranormal experiences.

3. Looking differently at normal things. Suppose you get irritated because a traffic light turns red the moment you reach it. The fact that you get irritated says that something is the matter. It may be a sign that you should slow down, or that you'd better not go to the place you intended to go.

When you are able to appreciate the real significance you will experience a sense of relief; which may well be the proof in the pudding.4. Being as spontaneous as you can. Having a sudden idea, or impulse to do/say something, act upon it as soon as possible. This way of being offers the best opportunity of going along, or in accordance with, the universe.Litt.

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By: Bert Henning


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