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Truth Freedom of Choice And Consequences

Why is it so difficult to stand up for our truth? And how do we deal with the consequences?.A look at our place in the bigger scheme of life can help clarify these thoughts.Our purpose on this planet can be expressed as being energetic probes for the Divine; millions of tiny probes through whom the Divine experiences Self in all aspects of life. The fulfillment of our purpose requires mastering conscious awareness as being extensions of the Divine, and not getting lost in the dream of life.Each human being consists of a combination of harmonic energy that is individual to each of us.

As individual expressions of the Divine, we remain unduplicated in all of creation. Each of us is unique as we hold and express All That Is across time and space.Throughout the process of life, we continually contribute information to our very Source as we experience and make choices in every given moment.

And Source communicates back to us, providing guidance and clarity when we listen.Progress on this planet is propelled by choice: the choice between truth or illusion.By choice, we can move into new experiences or stay rooted in place.

It is always up to us. Through the choices we make, every experience is communicated universally as a wave form of energy, and all of creation adjusts accordingly. Talk about power! We have the capability to influence all of creation through the choices we make!.Each of us makes choices that we believe to be optimal, given our level of awareness and insight at the time. Our choices create a resonant frequency field which attracts resonant energies and repels dissonant frequencies. Over time, this quantum attractor field draws particles of probability into becoming possibilities, and, eventually, into becoming our reality.

Our thoughts eventually manifest as things.Very often, the process of choice happens on a subconscious level through our emotions. We hook certain thoughts or beliefs out of the primordial soup of human consciousness through our emotional attachment to them. By emotionally fearing or desiring a certain outcome, we attach to that outcome.

The desired or feared choice is then drawn to us through the attractor field of desire or aversion that we have created.When observing from outside the emotions, it becomes clear that the reality we have created is in resonance with the emotions and beliefs we hold. Therefore, our choices are an accurate reflection of where we are in this moment, and as such they are perfect. When we no longer desire, fear or need the outcomes we have been creating, we can release our emotional attachment to them and choose again ? dipping into the abundant Universe to create new and different experiences.

There are choices available in every moment of life: Choices that will take us down one road or another. Choices that mean the difference between comfort and discomfort, between abundance and scarcity, between peace and turmoil. Even the decision not to choose, is a choice!.Choices that are based on inner truth lead to inner empowerment. Choices that compromise one's truth, lead to confusion.

When we make choices based on our perception of what others will think, we do not honor our truth. Likewise, when we base our choices on how other people will respond, we disregard our inner truth, give our power away and invite confusion.Perhaps you are facing a situation that requires you to choose an action or a response. When choosing from the place of ego and emotion, you will be tempted to make a choice that is centered in the desire to be liked, accepted, safe or comfortable.

And when you do succumb to these egoic demands, the end result will be disempowerment and chaos.You cannot live an authentic life by dishonoring your inner truth. There comes a time for each of us when we must choose to honor our truth and let the chips fall where they may. As Marianne Williamson has said, our playing small does not serve the world!.By choosing from the truth within, that energy field of Truths draw to it resonant frequencies, while repelling dissonant frequencies.

If others in your life are at a place where there is dissonance between your inner truth and their expectations, you do not honor yourself or them by diminishing your truth. Far better it is to honor and align with your truth while releasing others to choose their own path, even when it is different from yours.When you honor your inner truth, its growing presence in your life will reveal many illusions that have clouded your clarity of perception. Anything that is not real will be revealed, and along with this illumination may come a need to release people, places and circumstances in your life that no longer serve your soul's truth.As you release these redundant energies, you will find more clarity and integration in your life. If you can choose your truth despite the temporary squeals of the ego for love, popularity, acceptance and safety, you will find that you move beyond vulnerability to its demands.

The Course in Miracles teaches that Truth is not frail. Truth can withstand the demands of the ego. It can surmount the envy, misperceptions and judgments of others, because it needs no defense.True power lies in choosing from within, from the strength of having owned your fears, from the gentleness that you carry with grace. Each time you choose to honor your truth, you are creating more resonance to empower you on your journey.Copyright 2006 Ada Porat.

.Ada Porat uses body/mind/spirit techniques to facilitate personal development for clients. Her innovative approach to well-being has received international acclaim. To sign up for Ada's inspirational newsletter and to learn more about her work, visit http://www.


By: Ada Porat


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