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Art is Rain for Thirsty Souls - I believe I know what the Void feels like.

The God Connection Are You Tuned In - Over the last several Sundays, I began some teachings on our relationship with the Lord and the things He does for us and also the things He demands from us in return.

Dont Be the Victim of the People Pleasing Quadrant - People pleasing can be a defeating habit in a person?s life, simply because the act itself takes your focus off what you CAN control, and puts your focus on to what you CAN?T control, which is somebody else?s happiness and peace of mind.

Over Regulation Killing Small Businesses and Franchising - More and more people want to own their own businesses, but government obviously does not seem to want that.

Looking For Great Best Friend Gifts - Best friend gifts are special.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - It was a typical traveling day in the tropics.

Should CIA be Allowed to Operate on Indian Land Within US Borders - Should the central intelligence agency be allowed to operate on Native American Indian lands within the U.

The Odds are in Your Favor with Online Dating - According to one recently-published survey, there are currently upwards of 40 million people in the United States that regularly visit online dating websites.

Conflict A Good Thing For Your Relationship - Many of us have negative associations with conflict.

Secret to Getting Organized - Have you ever spent countless minutes, hours and even days searching for something you misplaced?.

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